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Big Majik Flippers
Price: $3.99

Slap these bad boys on and wamo! You're an orc! Awesome conversation peice :D

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Cloak of Silence
Price: $5.99
+10 Stealth

Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
Price: $9.99
weight: 2 stones
requirement: mondain`s legacy
hit lower defense 30%
strength bonus 10
dexterity bonus 5
physical resist 25%
fire resist 10%
cold resist 10%
poison resist 10%
energy resist 10%
strength requirement 45
durability 255 / 255

Birds of Britannia
Price: $3.99
Summons Random Creatures
Animal Taming +5
Animal Lore +5
Bird Slayer

Corrupted Crystal Portal
Price: $4.99
Allows you to transport to Dungeon Entrances! Can be used by anyone!

Shadow Cloak of Rejuvenation
Price: $7.00
Hit Point Regeneration 1
Stamina Regeneration 1
Mana Regeneration 1
Lower Mana Cost 2%

Darkwood Armor Set
Price: $9.99
Elves only
Perfect Sampire/Warrior Suit
70/85/65/70/70 Resists
30 Defense Chance Increase
10 Hit Point Increase
10 Hit Point Regeneration
100 Luck

Armor Engraver
Price: $2.00
Engrave a phrase on your best pieces!

Jackals Collar
Price: $2.99
Artifact Rarity 11
Dexterity Bonus 15
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Physical Resist 5%
Fire Resist 23%
Cold Resist 17%
Poison Resist 3%
Energy Resist 2%

120 Swordsmanship Power Scroll
Price: $5.99
Gives you the ability to reach the 120 level. A must for the top players

Finduo is ready to fill a order for UO and is always willing to help answer your questions. UO are essential to anyone running a pvm or pvp class. can be used for many different purposes but its mainly desired for it's look.