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Token of Holy Favor

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120 Archery Scroll Template
Price: $29.99
120 Archery
120 Anatomy
120 Tactics
+25 Stat Scroll


120 Completed Mage
Price: $39.99
120 Magery
120 Meditation
120 Evaluating Intelligence
120 Resist Spells
+25 Stat


120 legendary Bard
Price: $13.99
120 Musicianship
120 Peacemaking
120 Provoke
120 Discord
+25 Stat Scroll


120 Taming Scroll Template
Price: $12.99
120 Animal Taming
120 Animal Lore
120 Veterinary
+25 Stat Scroll


30 Barbed Runic Kits
Price: $22.99
No more excuses for not having that perfect suit :)


5 Character Transfer Tokens
Price: $49.98
5 Character Transfer Tokens


All Vet Statues
Price: $49.99
Every Statue: 25 Total
Click On Name For List Of All 25


Bless Deeds - 10
Price: $80.00
10 Bless Deeds - Enough to Bless all of your gear and give no insurance gold 8)


Complete Dye Tub Set
Price: $19.99
Black Dye Tub
Furniture Dye Tub
Leather Dye Tub
Metallic Dye Tub
Reward Statue Dye Tub
Runebook Dye Tub
Special Dye Tub
White Cloth Dye Tub


Crafter Supply Pack
Price: $69.99
60K Iron Ingots
10K of each colored ore
+60 ASH Hammer
60K Leather
10K of each special leather
10k bones


Custom Order Filler
Price: $1.00
Use to fill a... custom order.. :P


Forged Metal of Artifacts - 5 Pack
Price: $28.99
50 Uses of Forged Metal of Artifacts!


Glacial Blue, Golden, White Hair Dyes
Price: $24.99
1 Glacial Blue Hair Dye
1 Golden Hair Dye
1 White Hair Dye


Mythic Character Token + 150 Skill Points
Price: $149.99
You'll be in complete control of your character building!

You'll use the Mythic Token to set 5 skills at 90 each, and then you'll set your stats to 225.

You'll then choose 30 +5 Scrolls of Transcendence (150 points). If you'd like us to help you pick the scrolls, or need advice on your character, our team is standing by via chat and happy to help!

Magery and Animal Taming SOTs are capped at 6x of each.


Runic Crafter's Package
Price: $14.99
2 Valorite Runic Hammers
5 Heartwood Fletch Kits
5 Barbed Runic Kits


Top Crafting Pack
Price: $199.99
5 Forged Metal Of Artifacts
20 Valorite Hammers
20 Horned Kits
60k Leather & All Colored Learthers
60k Iron & All Colored Ingots
60k Mage Regs
60K Necro Regs
60k Empty Bottles


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