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Ancestrial Gravestone

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Store - 11th Anniversary Items - Hephaestus - Gargoyle

Hephaestus - Gargoyle
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Parrying +10 Spell Channeling Self Repair 5 Reflect Physical Damage 15% Defense Chance Increase 15% Faster Casting 1 Lower Mana Cost 8% Physical Resist 15% Fire Resist 1% Strength Requirement 90 Durability 255 / 255

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Scroll of Valiant Commendation
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Double click to increase your stat cap +5 (to 260!)

After you use it, it becomes a keepsake of the event and has the following text:

Rewarded to [CHARNAME]
Presented for Exceptional Bravery During The Siege of Exodus City

Soul Forge
Price: $19.99
A Soul Forge is a House Addon required to use the Imbuing skill, each scheduled to be available with the release of Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss and usable by all races, not just Gargoyles. Imbuing allows players to attempt to craft specific Properties on items.

To imbue new items or harvest resources from existing items, the Imbuer must be standing within a few tiles of the Soul Forge. The Soul Forge in Ter Mur Royal City gives a bonus to imbuing, and the Queen's Forge (which requires 10,000 loyalty points to the queen of Ter Mur) gives an even larger bonus.

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