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The Most Knowledge Person [REPLICA]

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Store - 11th Anniversary Items - PvM SDI Mage - Mid Tier

PvM SDI Mage - Mid Tier
Price: $59.99

60 Spell Damage Increase 2 Faster Casting 6 Faster Cast Recovery 4 Mana Regeneration 100 Lower Reagent Cost 40 Lower Mana Cost 2 Hit Point Regeneration ALL RESISTS above 60

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Charger of the Fallen
Price: $6.99

Warrior PvE - Mid Tier
Price: $69.99
40 Hit Chance Increase
55 Defense Chance Increase
40 Lower Mana Cost
69 Damage Increase
45 Enhance Potions
30 Hit Lower Defense
8 Mana Regeneration
2 Hit Point Regeneration
15 Stamina Increase
22 Mana Increase
14 Hit Point Increase
+10 Strength
+5 Dexterity


Ornament of the Magician
Price: $9.99
Also known as the Ornament of the Magi, this bracelet is ideal for reaching max fc/fcy with the fewest items.

Artifact Rarity 11
Faster Cast Recovery 3
Faster Casting 2
Lower Mana Cost 10%
Lower Reagent Cost 20%
Energy Resist 15%

+25 Stat Scroll
Price: $4.79
Raise your total stat limit to 250 (max)

Mid Tier - PvP Mage
Price: $69.99
2 Faster Casting
6 Faster Cast Recovery
100 Lower Reagent Cost
40 Lower Mana Cost
15 Spell Damage Increase
6-8 Mana Regeneration
20 Defense Chance Increase
2 Hit Point Regen
ALL RESISTS above 60
These are MINIMUMS =)!!


20 Million Gold
Price: $8.00

Crystalline Ring
Price: $14.99
Magery +20
Focus +20
Hit Point Regeneration 5
Mana Regeneration 3
Spell Damage Increase 20%

Shroud of the Condemned
Price: $2.99
Intelligence Bonus 5
Hit Point Increase 3

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