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The Most Knowledge Person [REPLICA]

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Store - 11th Anniversary Items - Raised Garden Bed - 3

Raised Garden Bed - 3
Price: $13.99

3 Raised Garden Beds

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Undertakers Staff
Price: $4.99
Undertaker's staff works in the following case. And it spends 1 charge when you succeed in summoning your corpse.
The corpse is your own corpse (You can summon only your own corpse).
The corpse exists in same sub-server.
The corpse exists in 40 tiles from you.
You don't have a criminal flag.
You don't have an aggressor's flag to other players.
The corpse hasn't been summoned 3 times yet.
The corpse isn't empty.

And if you were killed by other player in PvP facet, you can't summon the corpse for 3 minutes*
* May change during online play

You can select Summon most recent corpse only or summon all corpses(*default) from the staff's command menu. If you summon several corpses at once, only 1 charge is consumed. If you can't summon any corpses, the charge isn't consumed.

Ankh of Sacrifice
Price: $8.99
Your account must be 120 months old to use Ankhs of Sacrifice

Pet Bonding Potion
Price: $4.99
Instantly bond one pet

A Flaming Head Deed
Price: $2.99
Your account must be 24 months old to use Flaming Heads

Blight Of The Tundra
Price: $2.99
Spider Slayer
Strength Bonus 5
Stamina Regeneration 10
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Swing Speed Increase 45%
Damage Increase 50%
Cold Resist 15%
Cold Damage 100%

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