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The Most Knowledge Person [REPLICA]

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Store - 11th Anniversary Items - Warrior PvE - Mid Tier

Warrior PvE - Mid Tier
Price: $69.99

40 Hit Chance Increase 55 Defense Chance Increase 40 Lower Mana Cost 69 Damage Increase 45 Enhance Potions 30 Hit Lower Defense 8 Mana Regeneration 2 Hit Point Regeneration 15 Stamina Increase 22 Mana Increase 14 Hit Point Increase +10 Strength +5 Dexterity

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PvM SDI Mage - Mid Tier
Price: $59.99
60 Spell Damage Increase
2 Faster Casting
6 Faster Cast Recovery
4 Mana Regeneration
100 Lower Reagent Cost
40 Lower Mana Cost
2 Hit Point Regeneration
ALL RESISTS above 60

Mace and Shield Reading Glasses
Price: $9.99
weight: 2 stones
requirement: mondain`s legacy
hit lower defense 30%
strength bonus 10
dexterity bonus 5
physical resist 25%
fire resist 10%
cold resist 10%
poison resist 10%
energy resist 10%
strength requirement 45
durability 255 / 255

100 Million UO Gold
Price: $26.00

Mid Tier - PvP Mage
Price: $69.99
2 Faster Casting
6 Faster Cast Recovery
100 Lower Reagent Cost
40 Lower Mana Cost
15 Spell Damage Increase
6-8 Mana Regeneration
20 Defense Chance Increase
2 Hit Point Regen
ALL RESISTS above 60
These are MINIMUMS =)!!


+25 Stat Scroll
Price: $4.79
Raise your total stat limit to 250 (max)

Character Transfer Token
Price: $12.99
Use this token to transfer your character from one shard to another shard.

Price: $149.99
*Most Powerful PvE Template!*
120 Bushido
120 Parry
120 Fighting Skill (your choice)
100 Tactics
100 Anatomy
100 Necromancy
60 Chivalry

All Scrolls Included & +25 Stat Please contact us with account info. Enjoy the best PvE template in the game!

Powder of Fortification - 12 Pack
Price: $6.75
12 Powder of Fortification bottles.
120 Total Uses.

Charger of the Fallen
Price: $6.99

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